Feedback Kickoff: Starting Gathering first readers opinion using our 3 example.

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I’ve been focusing a lot on analytics and data collection lately. Our partner, on the other hand, devoted a lot of space to SEO and website optimization. As we approach the end of this series, I would like to focus on one last important aspect: Collecting feedback. Analytics is especially important to us when we do not yet have regular readers. We have no one to ask. If we already have one, sometimes an inquiry will give us a lot and show us in which direction we need to go.

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Below, the first tactics that I introduce on my blogs.


The most basic element where you can collect feedback is… the newsletter. If we run it manually and hold discussions with our readers, you can receive valuable feedback simply as a reply to an e-mail.

Our task is to interest the reader:

  • By our e-mail: E-mail cannot disappear in the flood of others.
  • Content: The reader must be interested in the content and feel the need to answer your question.

We also have our own newsletter. I encourage you to join!


The second element we can introduce is a survey. We can use “Google Forms” for this purpose as the most popular option. In our example, we used the NextCloud tool hosted on our own server. (I also wrote my own series with usage examples)

This form is most suitable for collecting data, e.g. about a new service or product. It will also be useful for evaluating the newsletter (which will be the first step in combining methods of collecting feedback)

In the case of our website, we did a survey about our TravelBlog Plan&Book website.


The third option is a widget for collecting feedback. At Blogelist, we focus on implementing OpenWidget and activating the feedback collection function alongside other contact functions and other widgets according to. needs. Additionally, a big advantage of this solution is the ease of installation, regardless of the project or website we run. (This is not a typical solution, e.g. for WordPress)

When it comes to typical plugins for the most popular blogging system. At SaveMyTrip, in addition to the mentioned OpenWidget, we also use the “UserFeedback Lite” plugin from “UserFeedback Team”. The plugin is available in free and paid versions. We use the “Lite” version, i.e. free. Ultimately, we will consolidate Widgets on all our blogs and only use OpenWidget.


These 3 basic tools are a very good start to collecting opinions directly from your readers. Numbers (especially at the beginning) are very important, but ultimately if we publish something on the Internet, we want it to be useful to someone. It’s worth getting to know opinions and developing your skills. And give even more value to readers.

This series is cross-published in SOWER Blog. It is created as non-paid cooperation as workload exchange. In this season, you can read half articles written by a Blogelist representative and the second half by SOWER.

The Polish version of this article is published in SOWER Blog here.

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