Advertising vs. Paid Content: Sharing My Opinion

Paid Content: From PPV to content available after sending an SMS. Even though, to some extent, I am also a writer for whom the introduction of paid access to content is profitable, I definitely do not support this type of monetization of intellectual works in the form of online publications or recordings of sports events. If you pay for additional access, let it be a truly “Premium” product. Let’s not go back in development, and what was once available free of charge will no longer be available at all or access will be difficult.

Last Updated: 12 Dec 2023

Decorative. Showing two business models for paid content.

The entire music and film market is constantly complaining about alleged losses resulting from piracy of their intellectual works. Do we need to add television broadcasters and Internet portal publishers to this list? Additional fee-for-content services will always achieve some success because there will always be someone who will pay. But there will be a large group that will do a lot not to pay.

But OK! Okay, do we have our costs? We have! So introducing fees is necessary. That’s why, even in the picture at the beginning of this article, I used two ways to achieve the goal. The second one is also an often criticized method, pages covered in every possible way with ads and, unless they are intrusive, ads that suddenly pop up in the second window, cover the entire page and cannot be closed. Just covered with ads that may or may not interest you. But the reader still has easy access to the content as always. And if ads irritate him so much, he can always buy access with ads turned off (yes, I know, I know adblockers and cleaned up, but this is the only content access service that I would be willing to accept. Although I would probably stay with the version with ads.)

I think some people still haven’t learned from the best. From the success of music for a few cents, from the App Store and other Play Markets. (Where we have examples of applications, free and paid versions without ads.). But it is up to the reader how the market will learn to behave in order to make money. Will paid content access systems persist or will the most popular ones be free but with ads? Or maybe a completely different system. In any case, here on the blog, its future mutation, and on the websites I cooperate with, the approach is different, like the current trends…

Please note that this post was written in 2012. Even though it has been updated (corrected) and translated since then. Generally, it does not contain facts that appeared in subsequent years.

This article is a translation of the article: “🇵🇱Nie Gram W Płatne Treści” from the CentOS Centrum blog, currently in archived form, part of Blogelist, originally published on the Blogspot platform.


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