Blogelist Switzerland – First Blogelist Centre in Language other then English

Blogelist Update

We are starting today our next experiment: the first Blogelist Centre in a language other than English. All content available in German will be published/linked here, as well as important content about Switzerland.

What you can expect?

The most visited content in Blogelist blogs, for which we have the rights for further publishing, will also be available in German here. If we have published something in German on our platforms on any other occasion, it will be listed here, making it easier to find everything in one place.

We have already chosen three articles from TravelBlog. Based on our data, these articles have the biggest audience from Switzerland. In the next steps, we will observe potential new candidates for release here.

Other German speaking countries

At the moment, we will only keep the Swiss blog with plans to expand to similar dedicated blogs for other German-speaking countries. Nevertheless, we will already be observing what is being visited from those countries in the Blogelist ecosystem, and it could be that before starting additional blogs, it will appear here, as from a language perspective, it will be the same content.

Other Swiss languages

I fully understand that in Switzerland, German is not the only leading language. As of today, we do not have plans to start in Italian or French. Even though we have great support in translation and AI tools for grammar, we would like to continue writing only in languages that we can communicate in at least at a solid basic level.

If you come from a non-German speaking Canton, I can only apologize to you for the moment. We are open to speaking to you in your language, but we need to grow so that it will be possible in the future.


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