Newsletter as a tool to increase loyalty and sales

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A newsletter can be one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers, and it can also help you attract new customers. As a business owner, building a contact list is essential to help grow and maintain your business.

What is a newsletter

A newsletter is a regularly sent e-mail to recipients from the mailing list. The mailing list for such a newsletter is built based on subscriptions by Users. Often, to encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter, you have to give something for the subscription, the most chosen gift is an ebook. The content sent in such e-mails is tailored to our industry. In such an e-mail, you can inform about news, promotions, etc. Newsletters are characterized by the fact that they are supposed to keep in touch with our customers, or some newsletters require a subscription fee to transfer knowledge.

How to create a newsletter

You don’t need a lot of tools to run your own newsletter. If you are thinking about a newsletter, you probably already have your own website. If you don’t already have one, we recommend using our partner Sower‘s services. ( portal owner)
As we have our own website, we need to set up an account in the platform that will support sending e-mails. The best choice is MailerLite because it is completely free for up to 1000 subscribers. After creating an account, connect the tool to our website.

How to start sending

At the very beginning, all you need to do is create a welcome e-mail, after signing up as the first contact on our mailing list, you should create new e-mails regularly. What content you will have depends only on you. For this, you need to define your target group and the goal you intend to achieve. A newsletter is a great way to let people know about new products and services and sales, but it will also help you increase awareness of your brand and build trust. You can also create articles where you share industry trivia.

How to promote our newsletter

Our newsletter can be promoted in many ways, including: publishing articles on our blog and encouraging you to subscribe. It is also worth adding our newsletter to the search engine. The best way to promote subscriptions on social media is to direct not to the registration, but to the information page, where the registration form will be. Here, a good way is to place a form to subscribe to our blog in each article and after writing the article, we add a teaser of the article on social media.

How to encourage enrollment

If our new potential contact is already on our website, we must somehow encourage him to leave his email. There are several ways to do this. For example, adding an appropriate checkbox to the checkbox when placing an order is a very good option, because this way you can have the email of an already paying customer, which increases the chance that the customer will buy again in the future, just by keeping in touch with this customer. In addition, such a checkbox with a record can be used in the contact form, and the same method can be used in the form with a product inquiry. After selecting it and expressing consent by the client, his e-mail goes to our mailing list. Another way that is often used is to receive a discount for subscribing to the newsletter. After signing up, you will receive an email with a discount code. Also, a very common way is to give an ebook in pdf form for leaving an email. And here, after subscribing, the ebook is sent to your e-mail inbox.


The newsletter is a very important and powerful marketing tool, you can run a newsletter for our company for free. Maintaining a relationship with the customer is very important, which will make him buy your product or service. It is worth remembering that if a customer subscribes to the list, that’s not all, you need to ensure that emails provide value for the customer so that he does not want to unsubscribe.

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