7 trusted ways to try with a Business on the Internet

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If you are interested in a business on the internet I will explain everything, but first I will describe the story behind it. Last summer two very ambitious People with different experiences in creating their own businesses/projects. Participated in Summer Contest and described progress in a weekly blog post. Both meet together and align to kick off the first season to share not only progress but more information with the audience.

More like that will come to you!

1)Participation in community contest

SellBiz Blog and Blogelist both participated in the Firestarters contest last summer. (On our site called Challenge)

  • For Blogelist, it was a side project and from the beginning more focused on a “project” and challenge for myself, not the business.
  • SellBiz was from the beginning to create a new business case.

You can participate in a similar contest if you find a valuable community to do so. (Firestarters had two editions already, we participated in the first one.)

If you hear about it for the first time. Check our progress here for SellBiz (Polish) and here for Blogelist (English)

Limited time: Example two months. (As our case to vacation month)
Limited budget: Example about 200$
It has to be something new
All progress has to be shared on social media weekly.

If you decided to start something like that do not forget to mention our profiles. (Blogelist and SellBiz)

2)Participation in communities (forums, Facebook groups, discord community, etc.)

As stated in the first point example Blogelist. We started not a side business, but a side project, which was from the beginning to make an experiment and gather experience, not create a real business and money. 

What if you have some doubts to start something, but you can start doing it without starting a business? You can list what is the most interesting for you and just participate in communities. Validate ideas, and create your own brand. If you will be feeling more saved then you can use other points to continue with your ideas.

3)Starting your portfolio page on the Internet. 

Like: blogs, Landing pages, and pages generated in some internet tools.

A landing page is a place, where everyone interested in you should be directed. It can be a web page, or it can be a page generated by some tool. It can be like it is in use by Blogelist – One place with all important links.

Our LinkLibrary (former “Courses” from vacation challenge) can also be understood in our ecosystem as a kind of landing page. For example:

4)Starting a Business on the Internet with legally easy way

This point is hard for me to describe to you, but very important. If you would like to start your side business on the Internet or just create an additional stream of money.  You need to check how in your country you can work. Maybe in your country is some solution for People starting their journey? Maybe till some revenue, you do not need to register a company? (This is a way how Blogelist is working)

5) Listing your project ideas on dedicated pages, like ProductHunt

If you are starting already with product on the internet, you can list it on something like product hunt and verify if there are people already interested. 
It is not only for individuals but also for bigger companies like the Wroclaw-based company listed in Polish Exchange “LiveChat”. (ProductHunt profile: Link)

Maybe the “community” from points 1 and 2 have also its own catalog? Do not remember to list it there. 

6)Share and Idea on crowd publishing site like Patronite

If you have already or you can easily build a community. You can use external sites to gather first financial sources for your job. Here example pages:

fiverr – Online platform for Freelancers

patreaon – Membership based

Buymeacoffee – One time and abo(membership) for creators

Brave Rewards – Ads platform for profit sharing between visitors and creators. (This one is in use by Blogelist)

If you never created a business or take part. We are not recommending starting as the first one from buying a ready business. 

If you are here and already have experience as a business owner or Second Line Manager you can consider just buying a ready business. SellBiz, our partner for this series is creating a site and offer for the same.

Also, you can create your business from the scratch, but buy other businesses to acquire competencies, where you are not good in.

If you have more businesses from some historical reasons and would like to sell it and focus on one. It is a solution for you as well.

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This series is cross-published in SellBiz Blog. It is created as non-paid cooperation as workload exchange. In the first season, you can read half articles written by a Blogelist representative and the second half by SellBiz.

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