Launching Blogelist.TV: Your Ultimate Media Aggregator Site

Blogelist Update

Our Proof of Concept Media Aggregator Site, Blogelist.TV, also referred to as Blogelist Mediathek, is now publicly accessible. Following the acquisition and integration of SmallBusinessHack, we made the decision to launch Blogelist.TV as a PoC.

Small Business Hack is a site for small entrepreneurs and it is about entrepreneurship, small business, and a little bit of investments. Integrating this site into our ecosystem will grow our content offering in this area and give you the possibility to learn from the experiences of not only us and our partners, but also additional individuals. (All published blog posts that are already available can be read by following the original author Levi Borba).

We are still in hand-over and integration activity, which will take some time to finish. Additional advantage is that together with blog and blog content we will integrate media content into our ecosystem. That means we have second Youtube Channel – Only about Business, Entrepreneurship and Investments.

We are still in the handover and integration activity, which will take some time to finish. An additional advantage is that, along with the blog and blog content, we will integrate media content into our ecosystem. That means we have a second YouTube channel – Only about Business, Entrepreneurship, and Investments.

Small Business Hack Youtube Channel. 5 videos already integrated into our Media Aggregator Site.
Small Bussiness Hack Youtube Channel.

Media Aggregator Site

Why we potentially need MAS?

Setting up your own website for VOD/MAS/IPTV/etc usage can be justified by two or possibly three reasons:

  • Not all content is allowed on one platform of choice,
  • Multiple streams or media channels available,
  • Offering premium content on own platform with own rules.

In our case, point 1, we are safe. We are focusing on safe topics and avoiding controversy. For us, in this development phase, videos and audios are mainly supplementary to text, and blog posts still remain our priority. Currently, there is no chance to further develop this area as it requires more financing.

Image showing Blogelist Youtube Channel on 9.03.2024.
Blogelist Youtube Channel on 9.03.2024.

Our thesis to open this project

In the paragraph above, the remaining point is number 2. Currently, we have two channels: Blogelist (generic) and SmallBusinessHack (Business). With development, it may be possible that we open another one, but for now, we will focus on growing the current ones, as both are still small channels.

Why we are opening video project if we have only small channels?

Video functionality is developing not only in classical video portals but also in social media, mainly in the “short” form but not exclusively. Part of our thesis is that someone who is interested in something in our blogs could also be interested in video content. By aggregating everything connected to video (at first) in one portal, linking and finding relevant content will be much easier for you.

Also, we have a lot of galleries. If the idea for aggregating video formats is feasible, then we can integrate the galleries and provide the possibility to watch all kinds of media content in one place. That’s why the second name during the proof-of-concept phase is also “Blogelist Mediathek“.


Image to show how Blogelist.TV (Media Aggregator Site) looks like on the day of launch.
Blogelist.TV (Our Media Aggregator Site Idea) on 9.03.2024.

In conclusion, the launch of Blogelist.TV as your ultimate media aggregator site serves as a compelling proof of concept. As we continue to expand and enhance our offerings, we encourage you to follow us to stay updated and make the most of our projects. Thank you for joining us!

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