Summer Challenge 2022: Developing a project during vacation time.

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This week I have a new challenge. It is my time for Travelling with family and less time for regular and additional work. During this week and the next one (but fewer days), I will learn how to manage a new project like that in a limited time.


In the case of code development, there is only a little bit of progress. More focus was based on a new strategy and limited time on building initial content. Last time we published two examples. Based on my Travel I plan to publish two more. One generic can be used for all who plan to self Travel somewhere, and the second one is connected to my Trip to Switzerland.

Next step

Based on all collected materials we will have 2 additional mini-courses based on the use-case provided in the first kick-off article (see: How we can use it within Blogelist?). Ongoing is as well to transform our manual template to generate course pages automatically and the first major functionality to add access management to courses.


Due to my vacation time. Analytics will be published in an additional supplementary article at the beginning of the new week. We will look at how many people click on course links. In the case of major measurements (budget), there is no change from last time.

Thank you very much for reaching the end of the Article. I hope you enjoy it and would like to back and track my progress with my challenge. You can do this by special category or in my Twitter profile.

This year I am participating in Challenge, which is coming from Firestarters Community.

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