Summer Challenge 2022 – New Project Kick-off

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This year I am going to participate in Summer Challenge from one of the communities, where I am participating. Short: that means 3 major benefits: Potential new service, public development, and shared experience from my side.

What is it planned? I will be working on a new idea (description below) and all progress will be on at least a weekly basis described here and on my personal Twitter in this Thread. (Link is also added to the resources section within our Blog)

You as my reader receive value from two sides. You can read about progress and learn my way. (I am not so much experienced in such idea development, so for people, who would like to make something similar in the future in your area of interests based on process and experience from someone, who started from a low level.)

The second value for you will be action results. I hope, that my results help you archive your goals.

My Idea Description.

I will be developing a small course tool. It will be not just another “uDemy”. It will be something like bookmarks and catalogs, which should help organize free materials on the Internet into free courses. You do not need to buy courses for even simple topics, which nevertheless are described on the internet. You can search if someone made some free materials as an introduction and start already with this. If you need something more, then you can consider starting with paid courses. Our course tool will be based on everything which can be added as a Link (Youtube, Blogs, Files, Instagram, …) if you have some materials like that, you should be able to add your own mini-course and then People could find it in our repository. Details will be developed as well during our Challenge.

How we can use it within Blogelist?

One use case, which will be the starting point for me for idea verification and improvement is within Blogelist. When we are describing for example for TravelBlog our Trip to a different country. After publishing and describing this Trip. We can consolidate materials (as well additional materials and resources on the Internet) and publish a mini course about: “How to repeat such Trip”. (…and add there all needed materials). Based on that and similar courses you can plan your vacation.

Next step

During the upcoming week, I will publish the next and first more detailed article about this project. Share more details about it and describe the environment, which will be prepared in meantime. We will see the first concepts and maybe something more it depends on what will happen next week.

This year I am participating in Challenge, which is coming from Firestarters Community.

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