Summer Challenge 2022: Providing first value

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In my last report, I wrote that I feel a little bit under the water. That means I need to rescue and still work on a project. (We are halfway) I would like to develop at least an MVP during the course time. To do that, I need to stop and rethink the concept. Details? The same as last time in the next paragraph.


I decided to prepare kind of a mockup. If on the end of the challenge I would like to have MVP for a tool. What can be done in the meantime before? I need to show, how It should look like. I do this already in this summary. Between screen based on another plugin and ready MVP on the end… maybe should be a first value provided? So…

Mini Announcement

I created based on ready technology in WordPress example courses. (Available here) It is done by prepared by me templates for blocks before we will release the destination product to the public. We will be developing materials and updating them based on received feedback, new materials, and development in a test environment. Even in the worst-case scenario, we have value and we can still extend it.

Next step

The next ongoing step is to automate it so that similar content is created automatically(Currently it is done manually, based on templates exported from the TEST environment). The view may be different as it is shown to you Today, as I will be checking and gathering feedback in meantime. Still, access management to courses is important to develop as in the current manual solution and all courses are public or limited to Blogelist authors. (like WordPress settings)


This week for the first time more analytics data and data description. I consider having it now weekly.

Summer Challenge Report - 31.07.2022
No change in the budget. We still try to use available resources before spend money on project.
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Summary and plans

  • Created the first two courses as an example, based on the manual job.
  • In the next step, we will be developing a plugin to replace manual jobs with automation.
  • Also important will be to develop the first additional functions like access management to courses (private, group limited, public)
  • Starting now we also working on the first content for our courses.

Thank you very much for reaching the end of the Article. I hope you enjoy it and would like to back and track my progress with my challenge. You can do this by special category or in my Twitter profile.

This year I am participating in Challenge, which is coming from Firestarters Community.

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