Summer Challenge 2022: Development Time

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We are still in the boring part. I am still working on project development to the level where I can show what it looks like, onboard first “courses” and start gathering feedback based on example materials. Currently, I am feeling a little bit under the water, but this I will describe in the next paragraph.


After the first days of development, the main issue for me is whether courses should be additional blocks within the classic editor? Or should I completely rebuild the architecture and think about integration? If I use as much ready code from WordPress as possible, I have easier development and can quicker show results publicly, and may be allowed to join some testers. Nevertheless, I need later on implement IAM Management on top of classic right management in WordPress. (Who should see course materials, groups/entity management, etc.). I think more experienced readers see this as a problem, that it is the first time. I would like to avoid too big technical debt.

For non-technical visitors. What is mentioned above block? All articles including this one. Is divided into blocks. If you check most of our articles, especially with galleries and maps. Image with Map is one kind of block, galleries are the second one, text block is a third one, etc. We are building content from many blocks.


In the case of the analytics part. There are no changes in the budget. I also did not collect new statistics to share.

Summary and plans

  • This week is still plugin development. Still some doubts about a way of implementing it within WordPress.
  • No changes in the financial statement for the project.
  • Next week I would like to develop as much as possible as starting 1 of August I will start my vacation and I will be traveling. That means I would have less time for development.
  • I would like to use this time productively. I think collecting the next feedback and data would be a good time.

Thank you very much for reaching the end of the Article. I hope you enjoy it and would like to back and track my progress with my challenge. You can do this by special category or in my Twitter profile.

This year I am participating in Challenge, which is coming from Firestarters Community.

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