How to sell products and services online without investing in advertising?

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The easiest way to gain customers is paid advertising, but it is associated with costs, and certainly not insignificant. If you want to run an advertising campaign yourself without any knowledge, then know that you will surely lose a lot of money just for learning, burning dollars on a poorly configured campaign without a strategy. Therefore, in this case, it is better to use the services of SOWER. (Our partner services) If you are afraid to run a campaign yourself or do not want to spend money on marketing companies, then you can also achieve success without advertising. In this article, you will learn how to sell products or services online without investing in advertising.

By far number one is to deliver values ​​that help people improve their knowledge and solve their problems, so that’s where we’ll start in today’s article:

Creating blog content.

For me, the number one is to create valuable content on the blog of our website or store. Thanks to this, we can authenticate our knowledge on a given topic to our potential client. If we are writing articles, it is important to write in terms of SEO. This will allow us to search our website for specific keywords related to our industry. The same applies to the entire website we have, we need to properly optimize the website for SEO.

E-Mail marketing

Combining a blog with an email list is a recipe for success for me. We add a form to subscribe to the newsletter with each article. Thanks to this, we can maintain a relationship with our future clients. Even if, while reading our article, he will not be interested in our product or service, we will be in constant contact with him by sending him appropriate emails. When he comes to our blog, it may happen that the price is too high for him and he cannot afford it. If it is on our mailing list, e.g. on Black Friday, you can send an e-mail with a promotion and then the price will be right for it. It is important to somehow encourage our readers to leave their e-mail addresses, it can be done in such a way that for subscribing to the e-mail we give an ebook related to the subject of our industry as a gift.

Social media

It is also a good way to sell our services or products. Through social networks, we can easily make our friends or family aware of what we do and how we can help them. Family and friends will most willingly accept our invitation to like our page. We can sell not only our loved ones on social media, but by creating valuable posts we will be able to reach our friends’ friends, and even more broadly. A very good way is to join groups related to our industry.


Many companies can make a living from referrals alone. In order for them to recommend us, it is important to sell very good products and provide services at such a level that someone can recommend us further. You can also collect orders using affiliation, i.e. someone recommends us or places a link to our website somewhere on their pages, and receives remuneration for it. It is also a very nice solution because we pay only when our order becomes a fact and is completed.

Word of mouth marketing

A very good way to sell our services, although you have to put a lot of effort into it, it really works. It is important not to burn yourself and not to be removed from a given forum or group on social media. Word-of-mouth marketing has a lot of power to convince someone to our products or services. It is forums or groups where people come to get opinions from others, and then we offer ourselves, and the potential client does not even notice it.

Trading and advertising platforms

If we sell our products, we can register on portals such as Allegro, Amazon, eBay, etc. We can sell and compete with the best sellers without a website/store or social media accounts. If we do not have products, we only sell services, in which case we can use portals such as Oferia, Useme, etc. These are well-known portals where a lot of users are looking for Contractors every day and it is on such portals that we have a great chance to sell our services.


Everyone knows that advertising is the best way, but when we cannot afford it, we have a lot of solutions to sell our products or services.

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