How to use social media to increase reach and sales?

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Even now, just maintaining an account on social media can be enough to run a business, but it can very well be used to increase the reach of websites, stores, or Internet portals.

Social media account as the only and main site

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to start your online presence. It is enough to create an account on social media, we do not have to commission a website. Of course, everything depends on our industry, but most, and above all, service companies can make the most of the social media account itself.

Which social media to choose

It all depends on where your recipients are, and without checking it, you will not be convinced. To start with, I suggest creating accounts everywhere and testing. It’s not like the same recipients everywhere, because our recipients can only have 1 social media to use daily. After testing, it is worth focusing on one of the most active social media. I suggest doing it in the proportions of 80% for the proven and 20% for the others. This will allow us to be strong in one and keep in touch with our audience in the others.

Linking to our site

If I already have a website, shop, or portal with a blog, then social media are a very good tool to acquire recipients of our articles. It is enough that when we add a new article to our blog, we add the so-called. “teaser” to our article, all we have to do is create and add a few sentences description of our article, a photo, and a link to our article on our website.

Acquiring Audiences on Facebook

At the very beginning, before sending an invitation to like our account. It is important to personalize our account, it is about choosing the right graphics and completing the descriptions. Creations so that it is known what the account is about. Then we invite our friends to like and follow our account.

Advertising on social media

Advertising is the best way to get new customers. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but it gives very good results. If you do not have experience in advertising in social media, it is worth commissioning a company so as not to lose money on a poorly configured campaign. Thanks to this, we will save time and money, and the effects will come immediately.

Joining thematic groups of our industries

This is a good way to use social media on a private account, the point is that we join thematic groups. I do not recommend promoting our services on such groups from the very beginning, it is better to join and share your own knowledge at the very beginning, for example, when we help someone with something, we can then direct them to our website.


An account in social media allows us to become visible on the web and acquire new customers, and keep in constant contact with the current ones. You have to remember to be active all the time. Paid ads give the best results, plus the cost of running the campaign.

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