Start an online business without technical knowledge – here’s how to do it!

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How can you run an online business without the technical knowledge, to create a web page? This blog post is a good starter for everyone who wants to start or expand business activity to the Internet.

Selling products on e-commerce platforms

It seems to be a very popular idea for many local and small businesses. Before the Internet, you can sell your product mainly locally if you have a local shop. When Amazon, eBay, and Poland Allegro started operating, even local shops can sell products in their own city and globally. You have access to a huge number of Customers. Your role is to optimize your profile for visitors’ best feelings.

Selling products on advertising portal

This point required some research, depending on your Country of residence advertising portal could you famous. Sometimes, when you want to sell something and your business isn’t big enough to scale your operation countrywide or worldwide, an advertising portal is a better or cheaper solution for you.

You can also check smaller e-Commerce platforms dedicated to your Topic like e-Commerce for creating and selling your own clothes with your printing on them.

Use a Social Media platform for Business Activity

If you are a “Social Person” and you feel the best within social media profiles. You should consider creating a profile for your business on one of the Social Media. Which one? It is depending on your business. For many of them, where the best working some pictures or short videos Instagram seems to be a perfect choice. If bigger video formats are required please consider creating Youtube Channel. Of course, the most popular choice is Facebook Fan Page.

Not always an obvious choice can be creating a Facebook group for your Customers. Please consider creating one.

Use Booking Platforms

If you own a restaurant, apartment, or maybe both. Register it to booking platforms. Similar to e-commerce platforms. You have access to platforms’ Customers, so it is easier to start without creating all processes from the beginning. Your focus is on preparing the best offer and creating an outstanding profile, that from many other offers, Customers will choose you.

Connecting Platforms

Business Online without hosting your own web page and strong technical skills have one big disadvantage. You are fully dependent on the platform. In case of any problem with the platform, you have a problem with your Business. Your competitors would like to make you a problem? Can try to send many requests to block your profile.

What Can be a solution for you? You should connect the solution. Are you selling goods on an e-Commerce platform? Maybe you should create an Instagram profile, where you will be presenting your products?

Participation in Partners Program (Affiliate)

You do not have your own product yet and would like to start an online business without technical knowledge? Always you can try to be a partner for famous brands. How it is working? The company has its own Marketing Budget. They can spend this Money on Ads or pay some Money to People who recommend products to Families or their own Community.

You can start with this business as well, but please remember to do this in an honest way. For Example, This Business model is in use by us. All Articles, which have affiliate links have added a special “Tag” – “affiliate“. This means, that this article has included somewhere affiliate link.

Are you interested more in this Topic? Affiliate Marketing is the subject of our next episode, which will be online next week.

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