Social media in business: how to use the Internet to strengthen your business?

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Nowadays, when more and more people use the Internet, running a business without an online presence is becoming more and more difficult. Social media are a great tool to build and strengthen your business. Thanks to them, you can reach potential customers, build customer loyalty, and also increase sales of your products or services.

In this article, you will learn how to use social media to strengthen your online presence and increase your chances of business success. We will show you some effective ways to build valuable content, run contests and quizzes, answer questions, and interact with your followers that will help you build a positive image of your business online. You will also learn how to use these strategies to promote both an online business and a traditional business, such as a coffee shop or bakery. Ready to start your adventure with social media? Let’s start!

Create valuable content

One of the key elements of effective social media marketing is creating valuable content. At this point, we could basically end this article. It is so extensive in itself that by focusing on just one of them, you can improve your results or build your business around it.


Before you start publishing posts, it is worth considering what goals you want to achieve with them. For example, if you run a coffee shop, it’s worth posting about different types of coffees, cakes, and pastries and sharing recipes, tips, and inspiration. Thanks to this, you show your followers that you know your business and are interested in delivering value, not just selling products.

In the case of running a bakery, for example, it is worth showing the process of creating bread “from the inside” – this way you can share your knowledge and passion with customers. You can show photos from the bakery, describe the steps in the production of bread and rolls, and share interesting facts about the ingredients. Thanks to this, your followers will feel closer to your business and will be interested in your offer. Any valuable content helps build brand loyalty, whether you run an online or offline business.

Deliver more value

It is very important not to overdo it with excessive promotion and sales. Deliver more value and information to customers. Sell ​​less. Regardless of whether you run an online business (e.g. affiliate described in the previous episode). Is it a coffee shop, the customer is supposed to find value with you, regardless of whether he buys something from you at the moment. On the TravelBlog portal, we develop tips and free materials and we have a strategic affiliate partner. However, regardless of whether you use the booking option with us, you have access to our materials and to the Travel 101 repository.

Other Ideas for Social Media in Business

Competitions and quizzes

Everyone likes contests and quizzes. If you offer Vouchers or shipping products that can be a prize in a competition, why not organize one? The competition can be to create an interesting video in social media related to your brand or industry, with the obligation to link to your profile. This will increase the reach of your profiles and at the same time provide additional interesting content to your audience.

Answer questions

Interact with your audience. If they ask you questions, answer them. Adopt a critique strategy. Don’t take every critical post as hate. Show that you can work with criticism. Your ideal customers will appreciate it. The others are not interested in your work anyway.

Engage with other followers. Q&A sessions, questions, and riddles for viewers. Sharing posts your customers have written and tagged you in them. Get closer to your customers.

Cooperation with local influencers

Do you have a popular local athlete or another famous person from your city or the surrounding area? (Even if only locally known?) Try to contact him or her and see if they can work with you. The interest of local influencers in your place can encourage more customers to visit or follow.

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