[Zabrze] Admiralspalast Video: Roof Balcony and view on the city

Two days ago we published the first post from Admiralspalast. Today we continue…. but for the first time, we published not a gallery, but a Movie. Our first movie is not perfect yet. I am learning to create also valuable Movies. Please forgive me for my beginnings and please be invited to watch.

You can watch this material here.

This article was cross-published as well in the Publish0x portal with some changes.

This is our first video uploaded and available in Odysee (Video portal), and soon on Youtube as well. Video formats are new in our portal. It is something, which I would like to develop during the 2023 year. I am learning this format. I hope you forgive me quality at the beginning and you like this at the end of the year when we make a summary from first year.

Did you try already โ€œTravel 101” materials? We are started collecting our materials, tips, and checklist, which could help you to prepare for your own next trip.
(Please bookmark the link as is here. Not destination as I will be developing it and the destination link will change in the future)
If you are opening it shortly after publishing this article there might not be much information. (…or almost nothing) I am back from my Travels and step-by-step will be extending content in all places. (Here in TravelBlog, in โ€œTravel 101” free mini course, and in Publish0x.)

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