Kraków Airport – our unusual starting and finishing point

Kraków Airport in 2022.
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Krakow Airport is not the typical airport I use for my trips. Our preferred choice is Katowice Airport. However, this time, due to service recovery after a crisis, it was better to fly from Krakow. Despite initially buying the ticket for Katowice (via Frankfurt), Lufthansa changed the schedule and we had to start our journey from Krakow.

In case of traveling to Switzerland (we used this airport on our trip to the City of Zug in Switzerland), it is not such a bad choice as Helvetia Airlines (SWISS) has a direct connection between Krakow and Zurich. Our return connection to Poland was through the hub in Munich, so the advantage for us in Krakow was lost as it was similar to the hub connection to Katowice (we are much closer to Katowice Airport than Krakow). We used a parking service in Krakow, so changing airports was not an option.

You’re likely here for reasons other than our trip. The benefit is that we have two top airports in close proximity. This provides a backup option in case of any complications, like inclement weather.

Tour Info

  • Original Date/Time for Tour: 04.08.2022 – 8.08.2022
  • Location: Kraków Airport
  • Event: No
  • Connected to bigger Tour: Katowice – Kraków Airport – Zurich Airport – Zug
  • Other important: 

Kraków Airport – Where we are?

Kraków Airport location on the Map of Kraków.
Kraków Airport location on the Map of Kraków.

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Kraków Airport 2022
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