Warsaw East (Warszawa Wschodnia) Train Station

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We already published here our article with the purpose of our visit to Warsaw. Like very often, we publish galleries from public transportation, stations used for our visit. This time huge gallery from Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East). It is one of 3 major Train stations in Warsaw: Warszawa West, Warszawa Central, and Warszawa East. It is the only (major one) located on the East side of the Wisla river. Central and West are located on the West side.

We have two buildings. The bigger one is on the north side (named as a long-distance station) and the smaller one is on the south side. (Named as the regional train station) from both sides, we have a place for trams and from the south side also the bus looks like more a bus station. 

In General, all long-distance trains have stopped at all 3 major stations. That means we can use the best suitable for us. In our case, it was Warsaw East. Also if some train (like our “return train”) starts in Warsaw it is starting usually from my experience in that way, that have stopped in the next 2 Warsaw station. It is not always like that. In Katowice Metropolitan Area (Metropolia GZM), we are always starting our journeys. Pendolino is starting or finishing in Gliwice (West side), but usually, long-distance trains are starting from Katowice (station acting less or more as a local central station)

Small remarks. Usually, we are describing all our trips from Katowice and ending in Katowice. This time in brackets we wrote Zabrze. By the way, we will create additional updates from Zabrze and we will publish them soon in the “Katowice – Behind the city” blog.

Event/Tour Information:

Original Date/Time for Tour: 09.09.2022 – 11.09.2022
Location: Mała Warszawa, Warszawa
Event: Yes, Firestarters Event
Connected to bigger Tour: (Zabrze – ) Katowice – Warszawa (Wschodnia) – Katowice (- Zabrze)
Other important: Tour posts are divided between our blogs.

Warsaw East Train Station – Where we are?

Source: OpenStreetMap.org | Where Warsaw East is located on the Warsaw map.

Gallery – Warsaw East Northside

From the Northside we have the bigger one Train Station: (named as a long-distance station)

Warsaw East Northside
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Gallery – Warsaw East Southside

and from southside, we have a smaller one: (Named the regional train station)

Warsaw East Southside
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Gallery – Warsaw East Platforms

Of course between South- and Northside Train station (long- and short-distance Trains) we have platforms:

Warsaw East Platforms
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Gallery – Warsaw East / Bus station

From the Southside we have a small bus station:

Warsaw East / Bus station
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 We will publish later on additional articles from Warsaw. (Including #TrainsGallery.)

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