Stand-Up Comedy Event in Rybnik

Rybnik Stand-Up Comedy Event in InoVino.

Here’s a unique opportunity for something different. I want to extend an invitation to a cozy gallery hosting a local Stand-Up Comedy Event in Rybnik. Even these smaller events can serve as a great platform to launch a series aimed at showcasing ideas to local travelers and encouraging visits to other culturally-rich destinations. Rybnik was my starting point for a reason – it’s currently a prominent hub for Comedy Culture in Poland and conveniently located near me.

We will return to Rybnik again. I certainly intend to continue documenting this journey on the blog.

The event took place in February earlier this year. It was a small-scale competition where four candidates showcased their new programs to a local audience. The success of their presentations remains uncertain. It is crucial to impress the guests, as they are the ones who payed ticket on the event and will be voting on the end. (And of course, every comedian hopes to win their favor!). Moreover, this competition serves as an opportunity to gather votes from audience and it is always nice for comedians to gather most of them.

The current event is situated within the restaurant, with the event area positioned on a higher level than the main dining area.

Event Information:

Original Date/Time for Event: 7.02.2024
Location: Rybnik, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland | Inowino Rybnik „Świerklaniec”
Event: Yes, Polish local Comedy Event: “Pojedynek Stand-Up”
Connected to bigger Tour: No

Rybnik – Where we are exactly?

City Location in Central Europe

Event Place Location in Rybnik

Rybnik Market Square, which we featured in our blog last December, is located nearby as evident from its proximity.

Located on the right side, there is the Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej (local theater). It is one of the places that I intend to showcase as part of the ongoing “Culture Story” for Rybnik.

Event Location from Rybnik Market Square | Source: OpenStreetMap, Mapbox.

Useful Travel Information

Train Station: Rybnik ( Koleje ŚląskiePKP Intercity)
Airport: Katowice (KTW), Popular regular connection to hub: Frankfurt/Main, Warszawa, Amsterdam (Check for cheap flights)
Highway: A1A4
Bus: ZTZ Rybnik

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Rybnik 2024 - Stand-Up in Inowino Rybnik „Świerklaniec”
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