[StadtZug]Exploring Zugerberg and the Fascinating St. Michael Cemetery

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This City has everything. In previous blog posts, I show you mostly Lake Zug, but on the other side we have “Zugerberg”. Our walking tour, unfortunately, did not finish on the top of the mountain, but still, we have seen a nice view. Visiting is very well maintained and different from those we know at St. Michael Cemetery.

We divided our gallery into two: Clearly from the walking tour and views and second from St.Michael Cemetery. We also published Video Reels from a little bit of Nature.

Tour Info

Original Date/Time for Tour: 04.08.2022 – 8.08.2022
Location: Zug, Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Event: No
Connected to bigger Tour: Katowice – Kraków – Zurich – Zug
Other important: Articles from this trip still under publishing

Zugerberg Map

On the map below I show you less/more how looks like ours route:

Source: OpenStreetMap.org

As you can see. We did not go to the Zugerberg top, but nevertheless, we have seen nice view.

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Pictures from our Zugerberg Walking Tour:

Zugerberg Walking Tour 2022
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Pictures from the Cemetery:

St. Michael Cemetery
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Video – Reels

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