Blogelist #February2023 Update

Blogelist Update

The last summary update from us was after I finished Summer Challenge. I think it is a great moment to update you on all changes and news, which happened in our ecosystem. We made progress, and the word “ecosystem” is more and more accurate.

Blogelist Planet Newsletter Announcement πŸ“£

We are opening registration to “Blogelist Planet Newsletter” and creating a special landing place with all information and example episode 0. What you can expect?

  • Short summary, what happened from the last episode.
  • Sneak peeks from us.
  • Latest Publication (Links to all new posts from the last episode)

It is especially if you are interested in only one niche in our ecosystem and would like to be up to date. The provided above list is our minimum checklist, of what we plan in each episode.

Terraria Diary πŸ“”

We are publishing not only in the Blogelist platform itself. Some content we are publishing or cross-publishing in other platforms as well. The key external platform is Publish0x, we are started here special dedicated blog and kick-off Gaming content. Our first is our free time progress in Terraria Game. It has to be not everything from this Industry. This month we were available at IEM Expo. The gaming topic will be at the moment mainly “Seasons”. Based on feedback we will extend this content or continue based on Series and Seasons.

You can read the new Blog here.

New Business Series πŸ’Ό

Together with, we started last week’s New Business Series. My Summer Challenge series was one of the most popular content last year in Blogelist. I met personally with founder and we align such series. We both participated in the same Contest. Both documented it publicly. I hope this experiment shares our knowledge as a continuation of last year’s exercise will be a good decision from our side. It is also our first series, which is simultaneously published in two languages. Here in Blogelist in English and in in Polish.

Our “product” or “project” created during Summer Challenge was “Blogelist Courses” after the first iteration and gathering feedback. In December 2022 we transform it from “Blogelist Courses” to “Link Library” as concept mini-courses, what less understood as just “Link Library“. We are step-by-step extending our offer also in this area. During the year more, but some sneak peeks and first feedback in Newsletter.

Founder Corner πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

In this post, I published the most important changes, which happened last time in Blogelist. The number of changes is impressive. I did not mention, that we published our first videos and started our channels. I would like to say thank you to everyone, who helped me last time to kick off new topics. Provide feedback for my sneak peeks and help with creating materials.

As we have more and more content created by external authors. The sneak peeks part in the newsletter will be written personally by me. (Rest of the mailing could be from someone else)

Thank you and I hope you will find a lot of interesting for you information in our ecosystem in 2023.

Summary βˆ‘

Between 2022 and 2023 we focused on small improvements, but also on starting new series, adding new content, and starting with video materials. During the year we will continue to extend a current offer, but also publish new formats. After some time we will publish again such a summary. Regular updates you will find in Newsletter.

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