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  • [Zabrze] Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station

We have already published photos from the renovations on our pages. Together with this article about Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station, we begin a series devoted to the development of the Metropolitan Railway. Most of the investments are carried out under the “Kolej+”(Rail+) program. (The railway line and the mentioned railway stop are included in this program)

Line 141 in the past and future plans

The entire railway line leads from Gliwice to the Katowice district of Ligota. The train station itself has two platforms. One island platform on the main track (i.e. in less professional language: Main tracks leading from Gliwice to Ligota) and Platform 1, which is the end of an additional line leading to this stop, which leads to Knurów. This line is connected to the main line.

There is currently no regular rail traffic on either of these two lines leading to the railway station. Trains can be used from Gliwice towards Knurów, but the route skips the Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station. The gallery below comes from 2013, when trains stopped here as a temporary solution during the renovation of the main railway line in the region (S1: Gliwice – Częstochowa via Katowice).

Importantly, during this temporary solution, the train was traveling along a route that will be used after necessary renovations and adjustments are made in the future. However, this is different from making full use of this line. At some point, the train will leave Line 141 and head towards Chorzów and will arrive at the “Katowice” station (the main station in the region) instead of the Katowice Ligota station.

The line is used for freight traffic, but we focus on passenger traffic in these series.


Below on Map

  • Arrow: Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station Location
  • Yellow Line: Future connection from Gliwice via Zabrze Makoszowy to Katowice.
  • Yellow Square: Place where we changed from Line 141.
Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station and Line 141 on the map.
Source: OpenStreetMap, remarks own.


Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station in 2013
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