Katowice International Bus Station Gallery


The Katowice International Bus Station and Transfer Center located on Sądowa Street holds significant importance in terms of public transportation. It serves as a key hub alongside the Katowice Train Station for seamless transfers between various modes of public transportation.

We can transfer between local buses and trains to regional and long distance trains or buses at the same location. Alternatively, we can take the bus to Katowice International Airport. There are plans to introduce a direct train connection to the airport in the future. Currently, it is accessible with one transfer.

You can check official Katowice MDA website as well for more information.

Tour Info

Original Date for Tour: 15.01.2024
Location: Katowice, Śląskie, Poland
Event: No
Connected to bigger Tour: No

Katowice International Bus Station – Where we are?

Location of Katowice International Bus Station and Katowice Train Station in the Center of Katowice.
Location of Katowice International Bus Station and Katowice Train Station in the Center of Katowice.

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Bus Station

You can view the actual appearance of the International Bus Station here, along with its infrastructure and seating capacity, etc. Please note that the gallery may not reflect the latest updates, as small changes may have been made since its creation.

Katowice International Bus Station - Platforms
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The gallery showcases both the exterior and interior of the building, providing a clear idea of what to anticipate. Notably, one significant aspect that stands out in our gallery is the separation between the building and the roof that covers the bus parking area at the station.

Katowice International Bus Station - Building
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The International Bus Station and Transfer Center have available spaces and facilities for bikes, car parking (paid), and local buses.

Katowice International Bus Station Gallery
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