Katowice International Bus Station Gallery

The Katowice International Bus Station and Transfer Center located on Sądowa Street holds significant importance in terms of public transportation. It serves as a key hub alongside the Katowice Train Station for seamless transfers between various modes of public transportation. We can transfer between local buses and trains to regional and long distance trains or […]

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[Zabrze] Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Metropolitan Train Lines - Development

We have already published photos from the renovations on our pages. Together with this article about Zabrze Makoszowy Train Station, we begin a series devoted to the development of the Metropolitan Railway. Most of the investments are carried out under the “Kolej+”(Rail+) program. (The railway line and the mentioned railway stop are included in this […]

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Katowice Main Station – before/after

Very often we will inform you and refer to Katowice Main station. We are about 10 years after renovation. (Date of new opening: 29.10.2012) In this short post. We would like to share with you, how this place changed during this time. Event/Tour Information:Original Date/Time for Tour -before/during: 2011/2012Original Date for Tour – after: 2012(opening photo), […]

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