[Gliwice] Discovering the Wonders of the World in Miniature Form

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Yesterday I visited for the first time a Wonderfull Miniature World. It is located near my home and I like trains. Seems to be a perfect place for me, but sometimes for unknown reasons, we are not visiting such places. I fixed it and I have on my checklist only the second location in Wroclaw.


  • The day lasts 9 minutes
  • The night lasts 4 minutes
  • One dedicated place, where it is raining 🌧
  • During the night you can see rooms inside buildings. (Very detailed)

The exhibition is mainly prepared as it is locally, but you have small information boards in different languages. So… it can be a place to visit for Global Traveller as well. On Entry, you will receive a kind of checklist game, where you have to find particular number of elements for example 15y cats. 🐈

Besides miniatures. You have a place for small children with Toys and tables. You can order a coffee and spend some time with your Family.

Useful Travel Information 🛫

Train Station: Gliwice, Koleje ŚląskiePKP Intercity
Airport: Katowice (KTW), Popular regular connection to hub: Frankfurt/Main, Warszawa, Amsterdam
Highway: A1A4
Bus: See ZTM

Level 1 and Gingerbread City

“Gingerbread City” is a temporary exhibition.

Kolejkowo Gliwice 2023 - Gingerbread city
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Level 2 “Main Exhibition”

Kolejkowo Gliwice 2023 - Main Exhibition (Level 2)
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Full disclosure: As Blog Founder, I have a small stake in the company that owns the miniature world attraction.


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