Amateur vlogger watching the Pros of Live TV Broadcasting


In today’s vlog, we will take you behind the scenes of a live TV broadcasting and show you what it looks like. We create amateur videos using just a phone and a simple tripod, but in this vlog, we’ll give you a glimpse of the process of creating a professional live TV broadcast from the perspective of someone who is inside the transmitted Event.

National Polish Broadcaster use following professional equipment:

  • Jib camera
  • Tripod cameras
  • Drone Cameras
  • Transmitter

and more like the most probably audio and video mixer, camera controller, etc.

Please check below VLOG episode for more information and videos from Live TV Broadcasting behind the scenes.

Video VLOG

🇵🇱 Video in Polish

To answer potential interests in this video local community. Below similar video, but with Polish Audio.

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