Blogelist summer update

More than one year after publishing Blogelist online as a public beta version. We introduced the most extensive new things and changes in the last few days. Let’s look at and list the most important.

New Blog – TravelBlog

We introduced a new Blog dedicated to Travel and Transport topics. First post where from Wrocล‚aw, Lower Silesia, Poland. The content will initially be similar to well-known galleries from Local Blog from Katowice.
What we can expect more?

  • Galleries from Travels,
  • Trains, Tran Stations, Airports,
  • Our Travel History,
  • Tips and other useful Travel information.

Technical Updates

We are based on WordPress 6.0 now and made a revision of used plugins and introduced a new one. (Nothing visible to readers.) We introduced tracking links in some places. We need it only to improve our web site and focus on content, which is the most popular in our Network.

From less technical update. We extended the main menu on the Blogelist main page. We can find External content and links to External blogs and publications made by our Authors.

Summer challenge

We kick off two days ago a Summer Challenge, where we will be publicly working on a new project. Soon in the next article, we will write more details and our first research, which is ongoing now.

All development and changes are behind the scenes, it is the first Idea, that you can follow from the beginning to implementation from us. We hope, that idea, that we can collect free content from the internet and presence in form of mini-courses. This will help you to achieve your goal in the end and verify and learn basic things without buying commercial courses if you do not know if this subject is for you.

How it will be looks like at the end? We do not know. We will be developing it publicly and looking publicly for the best use cases for the “drafted” idea. This year’s challenge is coming from Firestarters Community. Within this community 30 members currently are working on new projects or even businesses this summer.

External Blog – Publish0x NextCloud Series

We started the first series of articles, which are published outside Blogelist, but this series is still on-boarded in the main portal. (So… you can track this series and search for similar content using our Tags and Categories like for all content published in our Network) Together with such articles, we use for the first time Affiliate links in our portal. (if the article contain an affiliate link it will be marked with such tag) If some conditions will be met we can buy a coffee for ourselves.

Content on external sites will be mainly guest content or something which is not yet available as dedicated place or blog in our Network.

From NextCloud Series we published two articles till now:
Introduction to NextCloud Series – My Use Cases and Experience
NextCloud Series(2): Boards, Processes, Goals


Thank you for reading Blogelist content. We hope changes made during this time will provide value for you. After finishing this article we are back to work on new topics, Articles, and improvements to introduce to you soon.


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