Elevate Your Investment Game: Mastering Complex Stock Management

Investment Disclosure: Before we dive into the world of investment, holding stocks, it’s important to clarify that I am not a licensed financial advisor, and this article is intended for informational purposes only. Always consult with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions. Additionally, please be aware that investing involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. The strategies discussed here are based on personal experiences and general knowledge as of my last update in September 2023.

Dedication: This article is dedicated to individuals who are looking to move their expirence to higher level and looking for real case scenerios. Whether you’re a novice investor or have some experience in the stock market, we understand you know basic concept about stock markets.

Last Updated: 08.03.2024

Welcome to our Stock Management Guide. This guide, which will be updated following any significant developments, offers more than just basic information on managing your stock positions. Based on the dedication described above, I understand that you, as a reader, already have your strategy in place. You are knowledgeable about fundamental stock operations like buying and selling, and you already have a portfolio. Your issue may be, for example, that you have too many brokerage accounts, or you would like to transition from one to another due to changes in the offerings of your current provider, which may no longer be beneficial for you.

I have currently (excluding retirements plan) two accounts, which could be primary for me:

  • ING Bank Śląski – Local stocks
  • Interactive Brokers – All others and global stocks.

All other positions I would like to have moved from other accounts to one of above, especially if brokerage account were created extra for one kind of stock. (Example Employee Stock Programs)


I chose Interactive Brokers as my primary global brokerage service. In my case, I sought a provider with access to multiple global stock exchanges and an easy way to participate in shareholders’ meetings and other governance events. Another advantage of IBRK is that it is a publicly traded company, and accounts in PLN are maintained with ING Bank Śląski, the same bank I use for my local stocks. This creates a small ecosystem that I find appealing

My Account is opened and currently I do not have any positions here.

Transferring Assets

Transfer from Computershare to Interactive Brokers

My first transfer will be from Computershare to Interactive Brokers. Computershare is an account I created specifically for my former Employee Stock Program. It is time to close this account and consolidate these positions with one broker alongside all my other global holdings.

Please remember to review the rules and costs associated with every transfer in your brokerage setup. I am using the “FOP Transfer” which is the most common function, as it is handled by the Depositary Organization. (This may vary for each country where you hold stocks.)

Summary page for one of stocks transferred.

It is not very complicated. For each position in the Computershare Account, you will find buttons labeled “Sell” and “Transfer.” You need to choose “Transfer.” The only challenge you might encounter is providing the correct details for the “Broker details.” I didn’t have much trouble finding the correct one, but your situation may be more complex.

You have to repeat this action for every stock you would like to transfer.

In “Interactive Brokers,” you need to create an inbound request to receive these positions.

In my case, I created requests on Friday, September 15th, and by Monday, September 18th, I already had these stocks available in my Interactive Brokers account for trading.

Interactive Brokers Positions after transfer stocks from Computershare.

and action history:

As you can see whole operation including opening account (deposit of PLN were as part of account opening) were very quick and successful.

Transfer from 🇵🇱mBank to Interactive Brokers

I started to transfer positions from “mBank Dom Maklerski” on 8 March 2024. This sections will be developed, when my Stocks will finally arrive to Interactive Brokers.

What I transferred and why this example?

I initiated transfer of two German companies from Polish broker to American Interactive Broker. If you are reading it before I will update this article with final results. If we compare this process with process of simpler American companies described above:

Important difference is dedicated e-mail address for both parities. To contact each other. (IBRK -> mBank and mBank -> IBRK) In my case it was relative easy as mBank required to request such transfer by phone call and I could request transfer and in the same time request by online form in IBRK the same.

If you will be transferring something, general process (if possible with your broker) should be similar. Your broker has to have contact e-mail for such purposes and you need to provide him e-mail from second site.

More detailed instruction and information I will update after I will close my case.

Corporate actions.

  • Waiting for first (next) actions available for my holdings to extend this section.

Corporate actions on example of Interactive Brokers and Apple Inc.

As the most developed capital market. Voting in Shareholders meetings in United States is I think the easiest one. When I have a possibility to vote I configured my account to send me information via e-mail:

Image to show example e-mail with information about Annual Meeting for Apple.
Annual Meeting Notice send by Interactive Brokers

Inside e-mail I have all required information for me:

Image to show example e-mail with information about Annual Meeting for Apple.
Annual Meeting Notice e-mail content send by Interactive Brokers.

After my voting I have additional e-mail, when I can see, how I voted and I can change my mind till deadline. (See above in e-mail content)

In case someone would like to attend meeting “in person” (Like I did in case of example TEXT S.A. below). It can be done by the same process. Just by choice correct option, when you use instruction from above e-mail.

Image to show example e-mail send to confirm votes.
Vote confirmation send to me after I recorded my Votes.

Corporate actions on example of ING Bank Śląski and TEXT S.A.

You can read my example “Business Trip” from visiting Annual Shareholders Meeting. (TEXT S.A. – former LiveChat Software S.A.)

Screen from real request for registration on Annual Shareholders Meeting.

For ING Bank Śląski registration on AGM is by request it is Communication section.

Message Translatation:

Please sign up for the AGM LiveChat (all stocks currently available), please issue both certificates and send them by post. The amount of PLN 70 was paid via internal transfer to my brokerage account.



Mr. Paweł,

I reported your participation in the LiveChat AGM.



If you are already investing and possess a solid foundational understanding of capital markets, I hope this article helps you elevate your knowledge through real-life examples. All the examples and sections presented here are based on actual practical actions, not just theoretical concepts.

This article will be periodically updated when significant, noteworthy actions occur, and new content may be added or changes may be made based on the experiences gathered.

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