CentOS Centrum is part of Blogelist now!

Together with “Launch Day” of Blogelist platform, old Blog “CentOS Centrum” is migrated to Blogelist and it is part of Blogelist offer now. CentOS Centrum will by part as “Archive Blog”, which means, that there will be no regular updates in content of blog, but in case we will publish somewhere within our portals information about “CentOS” and similar it will be consolidated by us within “CentOS Centrum” blog.

Last Update: 13 Dec 2023

If you feel still lost after changes and announcement, if you are interested only about CentOS and similar Topic, please see consolidated summary, where to looking for only CentOS related Topics:

  • New CentOS Centrum instance after migration. (Archive, but still new content if appear will be present here)
  • Tag: “centoscentrum” and “centos” within Blogelist News Feed. (If you are interested, what was promoted on starting page and announced news behind – like this)
  • CentOS.pl blog – not part of us, but it is CentOS Centrum partnership blog. We are still in good contact and still alive and we can recommend you to visit it.

CentOS Centrum old instance at Blogger will be online at least for few months more to allow every potential reader to move to our new home.

As you read just before. If something about CentOS appear here in Blogelist. It will be consolidated as part of current CentOS Centrum instance. One of the most popular blog post in old instance were about Books. Following this announcement we decided to prepare 2021 update and place within CentOS Centrum blog dedicated for CentOS Books. Later on this month in separate blog post we will present to you more details and publish it. We hope it will increase value provided. Our Visitors chose this Topic by visiting this post regularly even this year in old instance.


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