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1.4VLOG Video including short instruction and information about Checklists and Template
1.5 How I track my travels
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  • by Admin
    Our second Christmas market located in GZM Metropolis, which we are presenting to you in form of gallery in our blog. This time Zabrze. Currently in Zabrze such Markets are in a different location. However, in both 2018 and 2019, we had small Christmas markets organized in Freedom Square, near the train and bus stations […]
  • by Admin
    Katowice has partnered with the TravelBlog concept to arrange a “TravelWeek” centred around Winter and Christmas Markets. Our journey commences with the markets in Katowice and at the Market Square. Tour Info Original Date for Tour: 30.11.2018Location: Katowice, Śląskie, PolandEvent: NoConnected to bigger Tour: No Travel Where I Traveled – Check Your Potential Accommodation Don’t just read about my […]
  • by Admin
    Yesterday I visited for the first time a Wonderfull Miniature World. It is located near my home and I like trains. Seems to be a perfect place for me, but sometimes for unknown reasons, we are not visiting such places. I fixed it and I have on my checklist only the second location in Wroclaw. […]
  • by Admin
    Admiralspalast is a former Hotel in the city center, which is, unfortunately, a long time closed. Requires renovation, but thanks to local people, from time to time we can visit it. Today we also visited together with a huge number of local citizens. I am not aware of any regular possibility to visit. I will try […]
  • by Admin
    The Water tower in Zabrze has undergone a major renovation and now offers visitors a unique and exciting experience. Not only can visit it, but you can also learn about the important topic of carbon through an interactive exhibition. The cherry on top? A breathtaking panoramic view of the city from the top of the […]

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