How to Track Your Travels: A Simple Checklist and More

Traveling is an adventure, but it can also be stressful if you don’t have a plan or just doing it for the first time. Keeping track of your travel preparation is an important way to make it easier to focus on your first trip. In this blog post, we will provide some helpful tips and general techniques for tracking your travels, but also to make sure you are prepared well.

Simple Travel Checklist

In our “Link Library: Travel 101” we published a Travel Checklist. If you are Travelling for the first time. Most probably you can find ideas, what can be important to check. If you are Travelling next time, you will remember everything or just provide us feedback, on what we do not include and what is important and should be included in the next revisions. Thank you in advance for your help. Let’s look quickly what is inside.

Traveling by Plane

From my experience, Traveling by Plane was the most complicated. I was Travelling by Train, Bus, and Plane ✈️ in Europe and the last one was for me the most complicated. That is why I added an additional section. What is inside?:

  • Baggage Check – I think all air carrier has Baggage limit. You need to check in for your trip.
  • Loyalty Program – You need to check if your Airplane has some Loyalty Program or promotion if you buy with a specific card.
  • Boarding – You need to remember about Boarding time. When it is possible at the earliest. Sometimes you can have some benefits like a better place.
  • Baggage claim and check-in – You need to check the times when start and end the Baggage claim and check-in for your flight. It will help you with planning the time to arrive at the airport.


This is a simple section in Travel Checklist. Basic things and documents to remember to pack to your Baggage before your trip.

Phone Numbers

This section in Travel Checklist is to write down useful phone numbers in advance. In case of an emergency or just need to call you do not have to panic and search for it. You have it in one place.


Application, which can be useful during your trip or even required or helpful. For sure it is a section, which we can back to in our blog and look deeper into our experiences.

Of course, you can download this Checklist and personalize it for your needs. Please remember to come back from time to time if we updated it. If you have some feedback about this you can contact us and send suggestions for the next review.

Travel Tracking

Especially for true Travel Lovers or someone with bigger Travel records. Tracking Travel can be an interesting exercise. Based on 100% of our experience. When we started with first Travels. We did not track anything. Now… when we have a bigger history, like this. We need a lot of information to search and retrospectively collect.

Why you should Track your Travel?

We finished the previous section with our short story, but maybe it is applicable to us. Why it can be useful for you?

  • Memory – You have seen a lot during your last trip, but do you think you will remember it after for example 5 or 10 years? Maybe it will be difficult, but if you save this somehow together with photos and videos, then you can always back and look at all your memories of that day.
  • Planning – If you will be planning your next trip, you can back to the previous one and check, what was important to remember, check your lesson learned and improve your next trip!
  • Budgeting – Vacation is very often a big part of your yearly home budget and needs to be spent in a short time. If you will keep track of it. You can focus to spend more on things you really like and save on not important ones.
  • Valuable information – During your trips you will for sure gather a lot of valuable information. The same as for the first point. After some time you can forget about this. Maybe this can be useful in the future and better to write it down and have always a possibility to back to this information?
  • Personal development – Each of your trips is always a lesson learned also about your Personality. How did you see the world, when you made your first trip? How do you see new places now? The best is just to read your notes from the first Travel.

It is just 5 reasons on our list, but I hope it gives you additional opinion to check, why it can be something for you.

Required Minimum useful to Track

It is simple: You should save and store everything, which is generated during the Travel process. E-Mails, Orders, and Hotels. If you already automatically collect something. Make a Backup and store it somehow. If you already have your Travel history, then starting documenting your experience will be easier if you have something.

We will publish also soon blog posts when we also show and explain how we are storing information. Maybe some of then will be for you.

Other Ideas for Travel Lovers

  • Walking Tours – How many kilometers have you made? Which path have you already walked?
  • Train/Auto Roads – Similar as point above
  • Flight connections
  • All kinds of numbers from the above points.
  • Favorite Hotels
  • Galleries and Videos
  • Attractions
  • Map with Visited Countries
  • Map with visited Cities
  • If you like something specific like Coffee, you can make a photo gallery with Coffee from all places, where your drink it. 🙂 (Blog founder started on Instagram his own collection 🙂 )

We created an example template for Tracking Travel and published it in mentioned “Link Library: Travel 101“.


Travel Resources

We create for you a “Link Library: Travel 101” with basic and useful information to help you with your not only first Travel and to assist you in any Travel you will make in the future.

What you can find there?

  • The LinkLibrary includes a “Travel Checklist” with a basic list of items to pack, as well as a list of useful phone numbers and apps to check before organizing your trip.
  • Template, which helps you to track your Travel
  • and more. We will be extending it with more resources.

Be sure to check out the “Travel 101”  Library for even more helpful information and resources.


By tracking your travels, you can create a lasting record of your experiences and memories. You can also share your experiences with others and inspire them to travel as well. We hope that this blog post has provided some useful tools and ideas for tracking your travels. We will also use the same templates on our next trip, which we will be publishing here. And don’t forget to visit our “Travel 101” Library for even more useful resources and tools.

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