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Travel and Trip Planning

Travel Resources

Travel 101

We create for you a “Link Library: Travel 101” with basic and useful information to help you with your not only first Travel and to assist you in any Travel you will make in the future. For your convenience. The most important first part is available directly here in the second tab. (f.e. Checklist and Template)

What you can find there?

  • The LinkLibrary includes a “Travel Checklist” with a basic list of items to pack, as well as a list of useful phone numbers and apps to check before organizing your trip.
  • Template, which helps you to track your Travel
  • and more. We will be extending it with more resources.

Be sure to check out the “Travel 101”  Library for even more helpful information and resources.

Travel 101 Introduction

To help you in planning, we are publishing here the first part of the “Travel 101” library directly here. Most important links without leaving this page and searching!

1.0Travel 101 Introduction
Introduction materials, checklists
Link Library
1.1Travel Checklist
1.2Travel Tracking Template
1.3How to Track Your Travels: A Simple Checklist and More
1.4VLOG Video including short instruction and information about Checklists and Template
1.5 How I track my travels
  • What is Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) and how can it help me plan my travels?

Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) is a comprehensive travel planning & booking place that offers a range of resources to help you plan your trips, including checklists, templates, guides, and ideas for activities.

  • What types of resources are available on Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub)?

The resources on Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) are sorted into several steps, major ones are Travel Resources (including checklists, templates, guides, and FAQs.), Travel Ideas, and Travel Booking. This is answering fully your next trip life-cycle.

Current content is only initial. We will plan to improve it so that this can be an ideal place to start with Trip Planning.

  • How can I access Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub)?

Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) can be accessed by visiting our website and clicking on the “JourneyBooker” tab in the main menu.

  • Is Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) available to everyone or only to customers who have booked through your site?

Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) is available to everyone, regardless of whether you have booked through our site or not. It is one place, where you can start your next journey or just explore our blog.

  • How often are the resources on Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) updated?

We aim to update Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) regularly with new resources, improvements, and new tools, based on the latest TravelBlog content, our partnerships, and feedback from our users.

  • Can I save or download the resources on Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) for later use?

Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub) is a comprehensive place. As part of “Travel 101” Resources are available checklist and Templates. You can download it of course for later use and if you are using NextCloud add it to your instance and have the current version always up to date.

  • How can I contact someone if I have a question or concern about Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub)?

If you have a question or concern about Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub), you can contact us using the contact form on our website.

  • Is there a limit to how many resources I can access on Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub)?

There is no limit to how many resources you can access on Blogelist Plan&Book (ResourceHub). We want to provide our users with as much helpful information as possible to make their travel planning as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

It is just one place with the consolidation of all information from our blog in one place to improve your experience with planning your next trip.

Need Travel ideas?

You are in a good place. Our TravelBlog is for knowledge sharing and sharing our Videos, Galleries, and thoughts.

Our Trips

Let our past trips inspire your next adventure! Browse our previous destinations and experiences to discover your next travel inspiration:

City of Zug (Swiss) 2022
Wrocław 2022
Hessen (DE) Trip September 2020
Katowice – Ostrava Trip August 2019

Materials from the above trips are still under publishing. Nevertheless, we still believe it can be an inspiration for you!

Themed Travel Directory

Plan your next trip based on your interests and preferred themes with our inspiration below:

Travel and Trip Booking


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