Wisła Głębce Train Station and Beautiful Train Bridge.

Wisła Głębce Train Station

The Wisła Głębce Train Station is situated in the mountains, providing an opportunity for additional scenic views. On the way to the station, there is a magnificent bridge. The station itself is fascinating, featuring four railway tracks. Two of these tracks are blind, and two can be used for locomotive maneuvers. If you have an interest in trains, especially during certain seasons or with special trains, you may witness intriguing maneuvers. (This occurrence is less common now compared to the past. Now all trains in this area were electric during our last visit, rather than more interesting in this case locomotive and wagons.)

Outside Wisła Głębce Train Station you can find sign with hiking routes. One of them we used (not from Train Station, but we use…) This blog post is part of our weekend trip to Wisła. During upcoming days I will publish more posts from Wisła starting from both important Train Station. I updated also gallery from popular Wisła Ski Jumping Hill.

Tour Info

  • Original Date/Time for Tour: 18-19.05.2024
  • Location: Wisła Głębce, Wisła, Silesian Voivodeship
  • Event: No
  • Connected to bigger Tour: Katowice – Wisła – Katowice

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Other Useful Travel Information

How to reach?

From Katowice Airport (see above)

  • Step 1: From Airport Terminal C go to Katowice Airport Tran Station.
  • Step 2: Wait for Tran in direction Zawiercie/Częstochowa (S9)
  • Step 3: Exit Train on the Zawiercie Train Station
  • Step 4: Wait for Train in direction Katowice/Gliwice (S1)
  • Step 5: Exit Train on the Katowice Train Station.
  • Step 6: Wait for Train in direction Wisła Głębce (S6)
  • Step 7: Wisła Głębce is last train station on the journey.

If you are Traveling by long distance BUS or Train. Only Step 6-7 is applicable for you.

The above instruction is written without any mention of possible special trains, and we are assuming that there are no temporary changes in the train/bus timetable. Please double-check if there are no changes.

Wisła Głębce Train Station (2024)
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Wisła Głębce - Train Bridge (2024)
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