Lessons Learned: My Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Travel Mistakes can always happen during preparation or even during your Trip. It is good to read tips on how to organize our own trip, but also we can learn directly from Mistakes. Today I will describe the top 5 of my mistakes.

1. Distance Failure

My first trip and first checklist position. I would like to order promo ICE Train Tickets and visit cities in Germany where I have family or friends. Do you know? I have seen what it means, when someone can make research and learn, how to do this, but has no experience.

I planned it in this order: Katowice – Berlin – Hamburg – Dortmund – Aachen – Katowice. The problem was in the last part. (Aachen – Katowice) It was the biggest connection with one short time change in Berlin. The next days I had a normal working day. I was very tired after the Trip. I should plan one more day off or plan this trip in reverse order.

2. Bad quality of Ticket Tariff preparations

It is already shared in our blog example. Last year I planned a trip to Switzerland. I am at Zurich Airport, I correctly check, which train connection is from Zurich Airport to Zug. …and it happened. I made mistake, I do not know why with Ticket preparation. Firstly I lost a lot of time finding an internet connection, and later on, discovered the proper Ticket option. Finally, I bought a Ticket in the Ticket Machine with Help of local People.

In Munich after the first time, I discovered proper Tariff, proper connection, and could work without thinking according to “process”. I had this experience in Swiss but for some reason, I had a little bit of trouble and more stress, which I could for sure avoid.

3. Not considering the weather

I am relatively good at preparing trips, but I have a problem with organizing everything in place. I mean. Planning 4 days trip to Swiss is not a problem for me, but choosing, what to do, and when. Is something, which I need to still learn. That is why the two next points are dedicated to this kind of issue.

First one? I did not check the short-term weather forecast to plan orders. For example Again from Swiss (it will be easier for you also to understand, as a lot of galleries and posts from Swiss are already published) Instead of visiting for short time “Seebad Seeliken” one day (in good weather) and the second day (when weather was bad and “Seebad Seeliken” was closed). I could first time spend more time in “Seebad Seeliken” for a second-day planned walking tour in Zugerberg.

4. Not giving yourself enough time

The second issue is with planning enough time. When I planning visit someplace. I did not plan in advance, what I would like to visit and how much time I need to achieve this. I should more focus on planning not only high-level trips but also at least trying to make some time forecast and what I would like to visit.

5. Packing Issues

Last issue, which I would like to share with you. Is Packing Issue. I am not a frequent Traveler. There are a lot more People, who travel more frequently. When I need to prepare my baggage for the next trip. I always think if I have everything, what I need. In the whole process, it is not for sure my favorite part. This is also a reason, why we prepared Checklists and Templates. (Here in the written post, or watch the video here) – Available below in Travel Resources as well.

I would like to try it on my next trip and develop it if I will figure out, that something could be missing and release a new version. You can try as well and provide us feedback, on what we can improve!

Travel Resources

We create for you a “Link Library: Travel 101” with basic and useful information to help you with your not only first Travel and to assist you in any Travel you will make in the future.

What you can find there?

  • The LinkLibrary includes a “Travel Checklist” with a basic list of items to pack, as well as a list of useful phone numbers and apps to check before organizing your trip.
  • Template, which helps you to track your Travel
  • and more. We will be extending it with more resources.

Be sure to check out the “Travel 101”  Library for even more helpful information

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