Dancing Waters: The Magical Fountain in Wrocław

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After a long time and our series from Switzerland, we are back in Silesia and Wrocław. This time I would like to show you one of the attractions, which can be a good point as the last thing to visit before you finish your valuable day in Wrocław watching Dancing Waters.

We are located near Zoo and Animal Park in Wroclaw. Situated here is as well “Centennial Hall”. Both Zoo and Hall will be published in our blog as well in the future.

Tour Information:

Original Date/Time for Tour: 09.08.2022
Location: Wroclaw
Event: No
Connected to bigger Tour: Yes, Katowice – Wrocław – Katowice
Other important: No

Tour details and progress:

Map Source: OpenStreetMap.org | Where Wroclaw is located in Central Europe and our route.

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Useful Travel Information

Train Station: Wrocław Główny, PKP Intercity, EuroCity Train “EC57”
Airport: Wrocław (WRO), Popular regular connection to hub: Frankfurt/Main, Warszawa
Highway:  A4

Wroclaw Fountain 09.08.2022
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Dancing Waters Short Video

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