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The OpenPlanB project has published extensive data tables under the Open Database License (ODbL). They include the long-distance rail transport network of Deutsche Bahn (German: German Railway). It also includes the addition of long-distance connections between Germany and neighboring countries (e.g. EuroCity connections), part of public transport, and public transport of Berlin and Brandenburg (VBB). It contains approximately 300,000 stations and railway stations by names and geolocations and over a million trains and buses.

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2023


The data is published without the consent of transport associations. The data is taken from connection information (and other connection data). Then the data is transformed into a common format.

Railway network in Germany (source: OpenPlanB)
Railway network in Germany (source: OpenPlanB)
Transport network for the VBB area (Berlin-Branderburg) (source: OpenPlanB)
Transport network for the VBB area (Berlin-Branderburg) (source: OpenPlanB)

Berlin and Brandenburg

As the spokeswoman for VBB (Verkehrsverbunds Berlin-Brandenburg, German: Transport Association of Berlin and Brandenburg) explained: VBB wants to implement its timetable in the Berlin Open-Data-Portal. What is this portal?

According to information published on the project website. Berlin Open-Data-Portal is a project that has been tested since September 2011 and is related to the global public sector data sharing movement.

For example, currently (at the time of writing/translating the article for CentOS Centrum) we have the “List of Christmas markets for Berlin and Brandenburg 2011” available.

Let’s look for examples for Bezirk Spandau (German for district, the districts themselves are also further divided into Ortsteile):

screen from Berlin Open Data Portal
(the photo before publication was replaced with this year’s data from 2012. – editor’s note)

Is the OnLine search engine itself not enough for us? Data for this catalog is also available in XLS and CSV.

We hope that the publication of a note on open data will be of interest to a few people. We are also counting on the development and interest in the topic, perhaps in the future the publication of public data in the open data format will be a standard, and thanks to the existence of these databases it will be possible to create interesting functionalities in IT systems, e.g. CentOS.

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Source: Open-Data-Portal/Stadtstaat Berlin/OpenPlanB

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