Travel 101

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Materials for planning self your next Travel collected based on our experience. We are not providing you a guarantee that the information here is up-to-date on your travel date. Please double-check if it is still current. Only education purpose. It can contain affiliate links.

Last Updated: 12 Dec 2022
Attention! This data set is currently still being built. In case of missing data please back here in a few days using the link:

1.0Travel 101 Introduction
Introduction materials, checklists
1.1Lesson 1 – Travel Checklist
1.2Lesson 2 – Ideas how you can track your Travels
1.3Lesson 3 – How I track my travels
2.0Travel 101 Tools
Tools, App and services description
2.1Lesson 1 – My Tool description (general) (last updated: 15 Aug 22)
3.0Travel 101 Travel ideas
Example/Travel Ideas described in our and partners blog
3.1Lesson 1 – Zug, Swiss
3.2Lesson 2 – Silesia
3.3Lesson 3 – Train&Transport
3.4Lesson 4 – Sport Stadiums
3.5Lesson 5 – Christmas Markets
4.0Travel 101 – Articles
The most important articles published in TravelBlog to read before next (first) trip
4.1Lesson 1 – How to address problems before first trip
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