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Travel 101 Materials for planning self your next Travel collected based on our experience. We are not providing you a guarantee that the information here is up-to-date on your travel date. Please double-check if it is still current. Only education purpose. It can contain affiliate links.

Last Updated: 17 Mar 2023
Attention! This data set is currently still being built. In case of missing data, we are still working on it. We are working to extend it and add more during #TravelWeek. You can back here by using the link:

1.0Travel 101 Introduction
Introduction materials, checklists
Link Library
1.1Travel Checklist
1.2Travel Tracking Template
1.3How to Track Your Travels: A Simple Checklist and More
1.4VLOG Video including short instruction and information about Checklists and Template
1.5 How I track my travels
2.0Travel 101 Tools
Tools, App and services description
Link Library
2.1JourneyBooker – Where Your Travel Begins (Our one stop place with all Travel Booking widget and information)
2.2My Tool description (general) (last updated: 15 Aug 22)
3.0Travel 101 Travel ideas
Example/Travel Ideas described in our and partners blog
Link Library
3.1 Zug, Swiss
3.2 Silesia
3.3 Train&Transport
3.4 Sport Stadiums
The most important articles published in TravelBlog to read before next (first) trip
Link Library
4.15 Tips for making your first accommodation online
4.2Lessons Learned: My Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid
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