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In January 2023 we started dedicated blog and gathering materials about Terraria Game. Here we will be covering all useful materials.

Last Updated:Β 12 Apr 2023

1.0Terraria Game – Summary
General Information
1.1Terraria Diary Blog (Main Link)
1.2Blogelist Serie: Terraria – Season 1
1.3Terraria Wiki
1.4Our Instagram profile dedicated to Terraria
1.5Youtube Playlist “Games” (Mostly Terraria)
2.0Terraria Game – Season 1
All articles published for Season 1
2.1Terraria series introduction and first development.
2.2How looks like my Home in Terraria? The Room Tour
2.3First Items and Money Factory in Terraria
2.4Making off: How I used Terraria for creating materials before visiting conference
2.5Goblin Army try to stop me from creating my materials to social media
2.6Slime Rain Event help me as well creating my social media content
2.7The Evolution Of My Terraria Boss Arenas: A Retrospective Look At My Early Designs
2.8Agriculture in the World of Terraria: My First Terraria Farming Experience
2.9From Meteorites to Cementaries: Revamping Terraria’s Ocean Biome
2.10A Creative Journey? Building a Small Art Gallery in Terraria
3.0Terraria Game – Events Video
All Video showing Events in Terraria recorded by us.
3.1Goblin Army: Youtube | Odysee
3.2Slime Rain (and King Slime Boss): Youtube | Odysee
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