Interview with Wojciech Maroszek about Gaming and Technology Hub

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Interview with Wojciech Maroszek about the Gaming and Technology Hub in Katowice. Text version. Introduction Who are you, what does KISA do, and what is your role in the Hub project? My name is Wojciech Maroszek. I am the Deputy Director for the Hub at Katowickie Inwestycje S.A. Katowickie Inwestycje is a company owned by […]

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The Zone of Culture – City Tour

For the first time post from the Series “City Tour”. From my perspective, the best place for that is to visit “The Zone of Culture” in Katowice. We already presented photos from events, which take place here. It is time to check this place from a bigger perspective. Event/Tour Information:Original Date/Time for Tour: 13.03.2021, 18.08.2021Location: Katowice, Śląskie, […]

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Red Bull Event near Spodek

When we publish on Blogelist main page first article from Event. We kick-off series of articles and materials from Wolkaround/Events/City Tours. After first one, which was published on main portal. We are started with second one, which landed in this blog. This time we visited “Spodek” before Red Bull Event. We are not visited Katowice […]

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