Building a Tech Oasis: Transforming Coal Mining District to Gaming and Technology District

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Get ready to embark on an adventure into the future as we continue our exploration of Nikiszowiec’s journey from the Coal Mining District into the industrial gaming and technology district. In this exciting second part of our series, we uncover the most important investments – Gaming and Technology Hub, that will reshape the face of this once-charming district. Nikiszowiec is on the verge of an extraordinary metamorphosis!


From the previous post in the series, we know, where is located in Katowice, and where located is Nikiszowiec. Let’s look at the district map:

  1. New housing estates modeled on the historic part.
  2. The historic Nikiszowiec Housing Estate
  3. Now a former mine, intended for the construction of the Hub.

As you can see on the map above we have more free places after closing the coal mine (KWK Wieczorek on the Map). Based on our information, there are plans for this, but it can not be shared as it is an ongoing discussion.

Based on Press materials from City of Katowice.

Virtualization of the Gaming and Technology Hub.
Virtualization of the Gaming and Technology Hub.
Virtualization of the Gaming and Technology Hub.

KWK Building (more in the previous post):

KWK Wieczorek 2018 year
KWK Wieczorek 2018 year
KWK Wieczorek 2018 year


As we conclude the introductory part of our series, we look forward to sharing further materials about the Hub and Nikiszowiec itself. A separate series has been created specifically for the Hub, allowing for easy access to its content. In addition, a one-pager containing collected information has been prepared for those whose primary focus is gaming. Not only is Nikiszowiec a Hub, but it also encompasses for example two new housing estate investments, summer and Christmas Markets. Coverage of these investments and topics will be provided separately, outside the scope of the Hub and Gaming series.

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