[Katowice] IEM Expo 2023 Gallery


Katowice is a known place for e-Sport fans and very long time for organizing IEM Events. This year after a break we had again an additional IEM Expo. IEM Expo is a free event in MCK, eSport part is paid event mainly in Spodek. (…but we had VIP access inside MCK as well) For MCK and Spodek please look at the map below.

I am not a big fan of Games and I have no idea about the e-Sport industry. I play Games in my Free time (Here you can check my progress in Terraria – my last game, which I am playing in my Free Time). This year I decided to visit the Expo part the first time and create Video and Gallery from this event for you. I am visited also Katowice stand, where there was a discussion about Gaming and Technology HUB. This will be published in a separate post. Where I will collect more about this idea.

I am also working on creating a “NoComments” video relation. (You can watch there how it looks like walking in this Event.) I need more time to prepare it. I hope even though I am a beginner as a video creator, it will still provide you value.

Event Information:

Event: Intel Extreme Masters – IEM Expo Katowice
Original Date/Time for Tour: 11.02.2023 
Location: Katowice, Śląskie, Poland
Another important: No

Useful Travel Information

Train Station: Katowice, Koleje ŚląskiePKP Intercity
Airport: Katowice (KTW), Popular regular connection to hub: Frankfurt/Main, Warszawa, Amsterdam
Highway: A1A4
Bus: See ZTM

“Zone of Culture” Map

Because of a number of photos from the Event. We divided Gallery into parts.

Part 1

IEM Expo 2023 - 11.02.2023 - Part 1
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Part 2

IEM Expo 2023 - 11.02.2023 - Part 1
« of 16 »

Part 3

IEM Expo 2023 - 11.02.2023 - Part 3
« of 17 »

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