[Zabrze] Admiralspalast visiting old Hotel Building

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Admiralspalast is a former Hotel in the city center, which is, unfortunately, a long time closed. Requires renovation, but thanks to local people, from time to time we can visit it. Today we also visited together with a huge number of local citizens.

I am not aware of any regular possibility to visit. I will try to present you with as much as possible online this attraction. That is why I will split this visit into more articles.

I will also upload films from this visit. “Shorts” are already shared in Odysee (Video portal), our Instagram Accounts, and soon on Youtube as well. Video formats are new in our portal. It is something, which I would like to develop during the 2023 year. I am learning this format. I hope you forgive me quality at the beginning and you like this at the end of the year when we make a summary from this year.

Today I will show you the first step: We will concentrate on the Event itself and how many local citizens are interested in their own City History.

Tour Information:

Original Date/Time for Tour: 04.02.2023
Location: Zabrze, Śląskie, Poland
Another important: Part of the Facebook Event

Useful Travel Information

Train Station: Zabrze, Koleje Śląskie route “S1”, PKP Intercity, EuroCity Train “EC57”
Airport: Katowice (KTW), Popular regular connection to hub: Frankfurt/Main, Warszawa, Amsterdam
Highway: A1A4

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