Creating new Project from beginning

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Example course based on Summer Challenge. This course comes from materials from the summer challenge and possibly additional materials which can be a supplement for this course.

1.0Summer Challenge 2022 – Summary
All articles published from summer challenge
1.1Lesson 1 – New project Kick-off
1.2Lesson 2 – Extended idea concept and research
1.3Lesson 3 – First issues, unexpected Feedback, evolution?
1.4Lesson 4 – Development Time
1.5Lesson 5 – Providing first value
1.6Lesson 6 – Developing a project during vacation time
1.7Lesson 7 –  Back From Vacation (Use vacation as time for content creation)
2.0Additional Materials
Additional materials as suplement for regular one.
2.1Lesson 1 – Twitter Thread
2.2Lesson 2 – Reports (Analytics data)

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