15th Anniversary for the first post in the first blog.

Blogelist Update

Today marks the 15th anniversary since I published the inaugural post on my initial blog, CentOS Centrum PL. The blog continues to be accessible and has been transitioned to the Blogelist domain. You can read it here (in Polish) or in English here. This particular blog served as the catalyst for my decision to reengage in blogging and launch the Blogelist project.

2009 – 2014

First milestone…. 5 years of activity on the original CentOS Centrum PL blog in its original location. Based on the title of the blog, my intention was initially to publish posts mainly about CentOS. Later on, I contacted the owner of the CentOS.pl blog and published a few posts there. In CentOS Centrum, I expanded the topics and published content not only about CentOS.

2014 – 2021

The longest timeframe and milestone. I stopped updating CentOS Centrum and focused mainly on Social Media, Forums, and private clouds. Some of my activity in the community started even before I stopped updating CentOS Centrum, such as my activity in a popular architecture forum, where I had the opportunity to visit the building phase of Galeria Katowicka. During the following years, I continued doing it even more. (The whole interest in travel started in this timeframe.)

2021 and continue…..

On June 8, 2021, we started the public project Blogelist. Based on our experience and the fact that we would like to keep CentOS Centrum in an archive form, we need a different concept, as creating blogs is usually preferred way. Based on what we had previously published in CentOS Centrum and what we had collected privately over time, including potential materials from not only the initial owner but also others, we decided to create a multisite blog with a flagship portal and smaller additional blogs dedicated to topics where we have more content. The history continues…


  • As Blogelist as a portal started in 2021. Portal started as kind of merger with CentOS Centrum and for all activity 2009 is unofficial starting point.
  • Not only CentOS Centrum blog and its content was moved to Blogelist project. Also one of Facebook fan page created during social media/community activity. It is in use by our Katowice blog and will be activating more during local train investments.
  • Some of publishing dates for new side projects are used based on important dates from Owner family & friends.
  • Most of the Travel content is based on private or business trip from Owner and/or his family/friends after deletion private parts. Still it can be kind of diary of important life milestones.

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