Breaking Barriers: How AI-Assisted Vlogging can Empower Creators

Are you interested in creating video content but are struggling to get started? Creating engaging video content is a challenge for many people, and it can be even more difficult for those with physical or cognitive limitations. AI-assisted vlogging may be just what you need. In this blog post, I would like to share my experiment using AI tools to create my first personal vlog. 

The most important is, that voice provided in VLOG is done by a text-to-speech app and grammar check. I will be using also other AI Tools including the popular last time ChatGPT, but for sure. It should be not a fully automated vlog creation. It will be still created by humans (In the beginning only me). 

We can understand this vlog as normal vlog series, where I will be (sorry, my AI Assistant) talking about content, which I created here in Blogelist Portal and Blogs, in other places, and just other projects. On the other side, from time to time I will be making a special episode about my experience with this special format. 

You can watch an introduction episode below on Youtube and Odysee:

VideoΒ is available in Odysee:

If you would like to watch it just onΒ Youtube:

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All about VLOG and articles about vlog/vlogging I will be publishing in this Link Library and dedicated playlist. (Youtube and Odysee)

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