10 points how does A.I. see the perfect Train Station?

Last year very popular was asking new AI Chat Tool for all possible things from passing Tests to just simple questions. We tested it as well!

We asked A.I. and published at the beginning of December last year on one of managed by us Facebook profiles: How should look like a perfect Train Station?

You can read the original post here in Polish. You do not know Polish? Below short summary in English.

  1. Convenient access to the station
  2. Access to bus and tram stops
  3. Organized places for parking cars
  4. Shops, cafes, restaurants and other service places
  5. Toilets
  6. Roof
  7. Timetable information
  8. Newspaper and snack kiosks
  9. Security monitoring
  10. Banking or Payment Card Services

… and by the way today we introduced to you a new place if you like trains. We have a dedicated LinkLibrary place with all resources connected to Train in our ecosystem. Please visit it, we will continue to develop materials there with new content after publishing it.


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