Blogelist short update: Gallery about Computer Museum is back.

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We have the pleasure to inform you, that all Galleries about Computer Museum (Monuments of Computer Science – MHKI) is back!

Previously Gallery was part of “CentOS Centrum” blog and was published in Blogger instance as one gallery. After changes in Google services Gallery disapeard from Internet. (Available as Private Gallery in Google Photos) With today announcement Gallery is migrated and pubished now here in Blogelist portal. (As CentOS Centrum remain as “Archive” blog and content not related to CentOS is no more published there. We decided to migrate gallery to main Blogelist portal.)

Gallery is now divided into 3 galleries, one is from “Oko Miasta” in Katowice. One was created before opening and one during opening. (You can still read about opening in CentOS Centrum in this article (English) or this (Deutsch) )

You can watch migrated galleries direct in Gallery Section or just below.


Oko Miasta

Zabytki w Oku Miasta 1/6
Aperture: 3
Camera: GT-S5570
Iso: 400
Orientation: 1
« of 6 »

Before Opening

Visiting Museum before opening
Aperture: 3
Camera: GT-S5570
Iso: 100
Orientation: 1
« of 61 »


Opening Day
Aperture: 3
Camera: GT-S5570
Iso: 50
Orientation: 1
« of 25 »

We found in our private archive also additional gallery from the past. (Not connected with Museum[MHKI]) But we think also with some historical background. Soon also we will publish it…

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