Last Updated: 25 April 2024

Our Business Model and Affiliate Partners

Afiiliate Marketing and general Business Model

Our business model revolves around affiliate marketing. We include affiliate marketing links, banners, or widgets in our communication and posts. By using these links, readers can support the website’s continued operation at no extra cost to themselves.

We choose our affiliate partners carefully based on factors such as product quality, partner reputation, and whether the product aligns with our values. We only promote products and services that we believe in and that we think may be of value to our community.

We reinvest our profits into portal development, such as improving website functionality and hiring additional writers(soon). This helps us provide better content and services to our readers.

To ensure transparency, we use special “tags” to mark posts that contain affiliate marketing links or where we have a potential financial interest, whether direct or indirect. We want to be upfront about any financial relationships we have with our partners.

Investments Disclosure and Background

Our Founder started his activity with a broader understanding of Business by being an Investor Amateur, like any other Person, who spends part of his salary investing for the future. Our publication (available and future) can not be used as Investments Advice. Investor Amateur is not equal to Advisor. We are sharing our experience for education purposes or just sharing what is happening in Company if this is related to Portal content only for informational purposes.

Investment is part of our DNA as our Founder started from this and his earnings are also supporting portal development. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our affiliate marketing practices, please use our contact form. We’re committed to maintaining transparency and building trust with our readers.

We do not typically offer services such as sponsored posts, links, or other content on the Blogelist Portal. However, recently there has been growth in our ecosystem, and some of our sites now operate using this business model (eg. Infographiclist.com) or have these services in their portfolio. As of April 25, 2024, we have implemented a consolidated Disclosure policy across all our webpages to ensure consistency.

From today onwards, any requests we receive for such content will be designated as Sponsored in accordance with this policy. It should be noted that this labeling will not be retroactively applied to previous content, as we lack complete information regarding orders made by former owners.

List of Affiliate Partners:

This list contains our major partnerships, where we could miss special tags as we use them broader in our blogs/portals.

All other affiliate marketing in our portal/blogs can be recognized with the tag: “Affiliate“.

List of Public Investments:

Currently, there are no significant Investments, which required us to share publicly.

All other potential investment disclosure, even small ones (like 1 stock) in our portal/blogs can be recognized with the tag: “InvestmentsDisclosure“.

List of Other Partnerships:

  • Sower.pl (We are cooperating with our Business Series)

Thank you for being a part of our ecosystem. We’re grateful for your support and hope to continue providing value to our community.”

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